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Jenni Green I can honestly say that, for the first time in 50 years, I’m learning how to just be. How to relish the present moment, which, magically and mysteriously, unlocks the door to the treasure house that is the rest of my life.

- Jennifer Green, Salem, Oregon
Laura Lind-Blum From the moment Jon and I connected, I had this deep experience of loving presence and complete trust. Something bypassed my mind and my ability to figure things out, and communicated directly to my heart and soul that I was safe and in the right place. There was a creation of power in our relationship that he honored and witnessed as being mine. It was my power. I had the experience of being wonderfully, beautifully powerful, in the most loving, energized way.

- Laura Lind-Blum, The Idea Midwife, Waterbury Center, Vermont
Sandra Leader Jon can help you recognize where you are, and become more clear. My work with him has not been about plotting out my future, it has been about helping me come into deeper relationship with myself so that next steps unfold easily and effortlessly.

He creates a safe, spacious container for you to go as deep or wide or high as you’re capable of in any given moment. It’s a matter of him being able to see the facets and help me make them real in me.

- Sandra Leader, Carmel, CA
Layne Young My feelings changed from, “Quick, fix me, I can’t stand how I feel, make it better, hurry,” to, it’s not about hurry, and it’s not about fixing, it’s about staying where you are and getting more and more and deeper and deeper sensations that this is okay. You’re fine, this is okay.

It helps me reframe experience. I don’t see anything that’s happening quite the same as I’ve ever seen it before, because my viewpoint has been enlarged. There’s more, there’s peace, there’s joy, there’s love, there’s health, there’s everything.

- Layne Young, artist, Salem, Oregon

Is life really supposed to be like this?

You have an intuitive sense of who you are — an intuitive sense of wholeness and power.

Yet your day-to-day experience feels stuck in the struggle to respond to that deep intuition.

And you feel caught between knowing there’s something more — and exhausting cycles of frustration, effort, and overwhelm.

You can recognize the truth of your intuition: there is something more.

The longing you feel is a movement from deep within — a movement towards purpose and meaning, self-knowledge and self-worth, connection, intimacy, and love.

The intuition is real. And your longing is calling you to remember yourself.

Perhaps you’re breaking through pain and struggle, driven into change by unexpected events, worn out by fear, indecision, and self-criticism.

Or you could have had an experience of deep satisfaction that left you with a certainty that more is possible.

Deep inside ... you remember.

There’s something more ...
something beautiful ...
something powerfully still and vitally alive.

What would it be like to remember and live what’s most true for you?

How would it feel to experience ease of being within the natural flow of life?

Who would you be if you were in touch with your wholeness and the authenticity of your heart’s desire?

There’s a depth within you, a wholeness and completeness, a breadth of natural wisdom. You can remember.

I’m Jon Hansen — and this is the Remembering Room

The Remembering Room

In the Remembering Room, I offer practical guidance and support to help you answer the call from deep inside.

I meet you where you are, without judgment. Within this shared space, I reflect back your innate wholeness and integrity — and help you discover your own experience of spaciousness, wholeness, and the essence of who you are.

Through this work, you open to your deepest understanding that you are fully alive, naturally whole, and capable of meeting life as it is, allowing its fullness to be present and alive within you.

You begin to explore your whole experience, learning what it means to function on all cylinders — and fully inhabit yourself.

You can remember and become grounded in your natural capacity to be complete, energetic, joyful.

You can remember and live the truth of your deepest potential, in every aspect of your day-to-day life and work.

I invite you to cross the threshold...

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Can I really help you — and can you really remember?

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